Mohammad Deljoo is a professional swimming coach from Iran who currently resides in New Zealand. Numerous people, both inside and outside the country, are familiar with his teaching and coaching skills.

He is so well-known in his profession as a swimming coach that a large number of people are connected to him. He is a really personable, well-mannered, and talkative individual who freely shares his knowledge with his swimmers. Mohammad can be considered the first Persian-language speaker in the world who has made significant efforts to pave the route for earning the American Swimming Coaches Association’s International Level 5. Hence, he is referred to as “Coach Mohammad of Iran.”

you love swimming as much as we do?

 Swimming means something different to everyone and the Supporters Club is your opportunity to get involved and show us why you #LoveThisSport.

Increase heart strength

Swimming is a full-body workout that builds strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health. It also relieves relaxation and stress, improving mental health and overall well-being.

Improve morale

Exercise releases endorphins. In this way, it improves morale and self-confidence, and it reduces anxiety. low-impact exercise that is gentle on joints and reduces the risk of injury.

Be uplifting

People who do not have the patience to exercise can choose to swim. This sport is invigorating and does not tire the person.

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