Mohammad Deljoo is a professional swimming coach from Iran who currently resides in New Zealand. Numerous people, both inside and outside the country, are familiar with his teaching and coaching skills.

He is so well-known in his profession as a swimming coach that a large number of people are connected to him. He is a really personable, well-mannered, and talkative individual who freely shares his knowledge with his swimmers. Mohammad can be considered the first Persian-language speaker in the world who has made significant efforts to pave the route for earning the American Swimming Coaches Association’s International Level 5. Hence, he is referred to as “Coach Mohammad of Iran.”

A concise biography of Mohammad Deljoo, nicknamed “Coach Mohammad”

* Birth: December 26th, 1988

*Place of birth: Mashhad, Iran. He is currently living in New Zealand.

* Iranian nationality

* Height: 178

*Weight: 80 KG

* Age: 36

* Father’s job title is Civil Engineer.

* Relationship Status: Married

* Parisa Pilzour is the wife.

* Education: California Center University Master of Sport Physiology

*Occupation: Swimming Coach

2010 to the present

* Coach Mohammad’s website: CoachMohammad.com

* The Instagram page was launched in May 2013.

*Instagram activity began in May 2013.

Mohammad was born on December 26, 1988, into a family of six (as the third child) in Mashhad, Iran. In addition to himself, he has three sisters named Sarah, Sahar, and Sarina. Sarah is Mohammad’s older sister and has been his supporter on many occasions.

Mohammad immigrated to Oman with his spouse and their son in April of 2018 and has been a resident of Oman. They lived in Muscat. After all, he chose New Zealand as a second home and immigrated to New Zealand in August 2022. He is living in Auckland now.

Mohammad graduated from PNU Iran with a bachelor’s degree in physical education and sports science. Since he was a youngster, he had a special interest in coaching, but considering that families in Iran desire their children to become physicians, engineers, and attorneys, Mohammad experienced opposition from his family at the time. Finally, he earned a Master of Science degree in Sport Physiology from California Center University.

Mohammad and his tiny family picked New Zealand as their second home. Mohammad desired further education in New Zealand. Given his overall interest in issues such as corporate management, he chose to study applied management at Otago University, New Zealand, and he is already completed a Master of Applied Management degree.

Thus far, I’ve gotten all of my knowledge from experience and a variety of courses. I’ve been monitoring every tournament and speaking with a number of prominent coaches. and I’ve always learned by doing. Mohammad explained. It was enough to transform me into Coach Mohammad.

It is essential to say that Mohammad has been extended an invitation to participate as a coach in the Fina World Swimming Championship scheduled to take place in Melbourne in December 2022. Moreover, he participated as an athlete committee member in the 2023 World Swimming Championship in Fakahuka, Japan.

Following his relocation to New Zealand, Mohammad resumed his engagement with the Master Swimming field. His first challenge in New Zealand was the Master New Zealand Swimming Competition held in Taupo in September 2022, during which he demonstrated exceptional skill and achieved three gold medals in the events of 50, 100, and 200 Breaststroke. Subsequently, he took part in the New Zealand Masters Games held in Whanganui in February 2023, which presented a greater challenge. Nevertheless, Mohammad emerged victorious, securing seven gold medals.

In February 2024, Mohammad Deljoo participated in the Master Games in Dunedin, and he achieved 12 gold medals and named the best athlete in the Master Games tournament. Today, he brought his number of gold medals to 19 in the New Zealand Master Games. 

In all of his interviews about these achievements, he mentioned Mark Bone (the former Olympic swimming coach of New Zealand) and Richard Lockhart (the former Olympian swimmer of New Zealand), who played a significant role in encouraging him to achieve this award.
Mohammad was named the success of the ASCA International Level 5 Awards in 2020. Moreover, he got his certified mentor title in September 2023, according to the mentorship program provided by ASCA.

In 2018, he joined the American Swimming Coaches Association as a permanent member, receiving certification at International Levels 1 and 2. In less than a year, he graduated from the American Swimming Coaches Association’s international level 5, the highest level, becoming the first Iranian to achieve this qualification. He became a member of the Australian Swimming Coaches Association at the beginning of the 2020 season and has remained an active member ever since. Mohammad is also a full member of the World Swimming Coaches Association, having joined in 2021. He was assisting Dr. James Lawless Irish in coaching the American British Academy’s swimming teams. After moving to New Zealand, Mohammad discovers the Swimtastic company and decides to work for them. Right now, he is working with Mark Bone, who is a New Zealander swimming instructor and former national coach. He served as the national swimming coach from 1990 to 1996. Under him, New Zealand’s swimming program saw its most successful period, with a win at the 1995 FINA World Short Course Swimming Championships.