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On December 26, 1988, Mohammad Deljoo was born.

He is a sports physiologist with a master’s degree. Mohammad was a former member of the Iranian national swimming team, which has won several championships throughout the years and also held the junior Iran national record for the 50m breaststroke. He began his activities after leaving his professional athletic life and turned to coaching swimmers of different ages. After winning multiple championships with the Khorasan Razavi state’s Iran junior team and breaking his students’ national record in the first year,he was sent to the Malaysian championship as the coach of Iran’s national junior squad in 2009. After that, he became a permanent member of the American Swimming Coaches Association in 2018, earning certification at the International Levels 1 and 2. And in less than a year, he advanced to international level 5 of the American Swimming Coaches Association, which is the highest level and he becoming the first iranian to hold this qualification. He joined the Australian Swimming Coaches Association at the start of the 2020 season and has been an active member ever since. Mohammad is also a professional member of the World Swimming Coaches Association, having joined the organization in 2021. He is currently coaching the American British Academy swimming teams alongside James Lawless Irish.